It’s not to early to think about fall

It’s so true, and so often ignored by homeowners. Autumn is when lawns do their big preparation for the next 12 months – developing root systems that will help them be drought- and stress-tolerant in the coming year. It’s also when they can withstand stressful, but helpful procedures covered in these pages, since the grass is actively growing but is not strained by heat.

So get outside and spend some quality time with your lawn this fall, performing these three basic procedures that benefit every lawn. You will be glad you did come spring, when your grass is greener and lusher than ever.

1: Rake it (dethatch)
When thatch becomes more than 1/4- to 1/2-inch thick, it’s time to take action. Luckily, the remedy is simple: dethatching. Do it in the fall while grass is still growing and can recover, yet is not stressed by summer heat and drought.

2: Feed it (Fertilize)
Fall feeding is critical to the ongoing health of your lawn. That’s when grass is focusing on root growth rather than leaf growth, creating stronger plants for the winter and the following year.

3: Punch it (Aerate)
As with dethatching, aerating is important so the air, water and nutrients can penetrate to the grass roots. Aerating punches through thatch and loosens compacted soil – a common problem in higher traffic areas. Compaction can occur because of children’s play, foot traffic, mowing, parked cars, heavy rains and construction equipment.

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