The Benefits of Fall Fertilization

Fall Lawn CareLawn winterization is an important part of lawn care, especially for cool season grasses.  Cool season grasses grow differently than their warm season cousins. The majority of their annual nutrients are taken in during the fall months making lawn winterization very important.  In the fall, cool season grasses are taking on large amounts of nutrients to over come summer stress and to get them through the winter. In addition, these grasses are programmed to use stored nutrients to break winter dormancy in spring. Most people are not aware that as much as seventy-five percent of the total annual nitrogen requirement is obtained in the fall. Therefore, fall lawn winterization is the best way to deliver the needed nutrients to your grass. This is best accomplished with two fall applications. The first in early fall and the second near the last cutting of the year in late fall. 

Cool weather grasses will continue to take in and store nutrients far after the last cutting and well into the winter. In late season, even when the grass has stopped growing new leaf tissue, it is still very active. In fact, uptake of nutrients will continue until the soil temperatures dip into the mid-thirties.

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