Fall Yard Maintenance

Fall lawn careYard landscaping for next year doesn’t begin next spring, rather, it begins this fall. Proper fall yard maintenance lowers the risk of plant diseases next spring. Raking the lawn ensures your grass won’t smother under a burden of fallen leaves. Of course, fall yard maintenance means winterizing: putting your plants to bed properly, sheltering them where possible from the rigors of winter.
Get Started this weekend before it gets too cold!!

“Mums” the word

Nothing says fall like beautiful red, yelllow and orange Mums.  Here are a few tips to keep these festive bloomers looking their best all season long.

Add mums for beautiful fall display1. Start with a healthy plant.  Look for a plant with moist soil and  with the least amount of open flowers.

2. Provide proper care. Apply liquid plant fertilizer to the soil immediately after planting and once per month thereafter. Deadhead (pinching off the expired blooms) regularly. 

3. Mums prefer temperatures above 60 degrees.  The nights and days where the temperature falls below 60 pull your potted Mum inside of the garage or if they are planted, cover your plants with plastic.

Now that you know how to keep garden mums blooming longer, you will have beautiful plants instead of green foliage with no flowers. Your beautiful blooming Mums will be the centerpiece of your fall landscaping.

Keep your annuals looking great all summer long

Do your annuals seem to always look great for the first few weeks after you planted them but then look ragged for the rest of the summer?  Here are a few tips to keep your annuals looking great all season long without breaking your back.


  1. When planting your annuals give them some elbow room to grow.
  2. Deep, infrequent watering rather than short daily sprinkling.
  3. Keep leaves dry longer by watering in the late evening or early morning.
  4. Keep the weeds out.
  5. Dead head when possible.

Remember when you’re out taking care of your plants makes sure you are keeping yourself hydrated.  Good luck!