5 ways to fix dead spots in your lawn

Dead spots in your lawn can be an unsightly occurrence. When a lawn is beautiful, lush and green it enhances the visual appeal of your home. Repairing the dead spots will allow your lawn to return to its lush magnificence and have your home looking beautiful once again. Here are a five ways you can renovate the dead spots in your lawn.

  • Reseeding.
  • Regular Maintenance such as correct watering and¬†avoiding ¬†gas, herbicide or fertilizer spills.
  • Use an aerator to help break up compacted soil.
  • Get Rid of Weeds.
  • Dethatching.

Fixing dead spots in your lawn can help save your grass and restore it to its lush beginnings. A lawn enhances the beauty of your home. It should be lush and vibrant at all times. Make sure you water your lawn on a regular basis. Furthermore, your maintenance routine should include mowing and fertilizing your lawn to keep pests away. Once the bare spots are restored, follow through with the lawn upkeep. Failure to do so will result in a reappearance of dead patches.